pair o ducksfascism.

One of my current interests is Fascism and its relationship to contemporary politics, economics, media, etc. It's difficult in America to get perspectives on Fascism in the media and the net has proved to be a rich resource, though of widely varying quality. I've put these files here for browsing; I don't necessarily identify with any of the content.

Here are some resources culled from a site in Isreal, dealing with fascism in general and current fascist movements in particular.

What Is Fascism ?
This article is adapted from Chip Berlet's preface to Russ Bellant's book "Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party," co-published by South End Press and Political Research Associates.
A brief history of the Skinhead movement.
This is an excerpt from the book "Hate Prejudice and Racism" by Milton Kleg. It was published in 1993 by The State of New York Press, Albany.
Lyndon LaRouche: Fascism Wrapped in an American Flag
Chip Berlet and Joel Bellman, 1987. A Political Research Associates Briefing Paper in Three Parts:
Right Woos Left Over Gulf War Issue
Recent years have seen an increase of alliances between progressive groups and the far right, with whom they share a certain amount of "anti-government" sentiment. With the general lack of information on fascist thought, Chip Berlet thinks that progressives don't understand who they're getting involved with. In an effort to address the issue, he outlines current far-right groups active in the U.S. and attempts to show fascist influence in some contemporary "left wing" thought.

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